Month: November 2018

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Mooveos : our new challenge !

Damovo France – Imakys – Apps2com and now Foliateam-Apps2com. 15 years of business transformation that my friend Stéphane Grasset and I have carried through as a duet. A unique experience combining thrilling teamwork and painful lonely decisions, counting exciting successes that we have shared year after year with our colleagues and partners in both business…
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A new chapter is opening !

It is almost 15 years since Jacques Grézaud and I bought Damovo France (formerly Ericsson Enterprise France), then Imakys and now Apps2Com after merger with the telecom integrator ATTI. Damovo turnaround, diversification and external growth, going through a top-down backup phase, then creating Apps2Com. Our business model has evolved from an integrator selling hardware in…
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