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Mooveos and Euleos: an innovative and win-win collaborative partnership for investment funds

On February 8, 2019, EULEOS and MOOVEOS are pleased to announce their collaborative partnership combining consulting and management of operational management with investment funds. Sharing the same values including trust, collective commitment and entrepreneurship, MOOVEOS and EULEOS innovate by creating a common approach to operational expertise to address both strategic and strategic challenges SME-ETI development.…
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Mooveos : our new challenge !

Damovo France – Imakys – Apps2com and now Foliateam-Apps2com. 15 years of business transformation that my friend Stéphane Grasset and I have carried through as a duet. A unique experience combining thrilling teamwork and painful lonely decisions, counting exciting successes that we have shared year after year with our colleagues and partners in both business…
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A new chapter is opening !

It is almost 15 years since Jacques Grézaud and I bought Damovo France (formerly Ericsson Enterprise France), then Imakys and now Apps2Com after merger with the telecom integrator ATTI. Damovo turnaround, diversification and external growth, going through a top-down backup phase, then creating Apps2Com. Our business model has evolved from an integrator selling hardware in…
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