A new chapter is opening !

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A new chapter is opening !

It is almost 15 years since Jacques Grézaud and I bought Damovo France (formerly Ericsson Enterprise France), then Imakys and now Apps2Com after merger with the telecom integrator ATTI.

Damovo turnaround, diversification and external growth, going through a top-down backup phase, then creating Apps2Com.

Our business model has evolved from an integrator selling hardware in project mode to that of a company selling services, cloud solutions and with a strong recurring income.

Continuing this development required more human and financial resources and we chose to continue within a larger group.

It is in this context that Apps2Com has just joined the Foliateam Group, which will allow our employees, customers and partners to continue and amplify this adventure and we are very happy about it.

Now is the time to write a new chapter, share our experience, both in France and internationally, with other companies and other executives: from start-ups to larger companies.

That’s what we’re bringing today with Mooveos! We look forward to continuing this human adventure with those who will be interested.

Stéphane Grasset

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