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"We support executives from start-up and SME in their develoment"

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Our activities

Supporting leaders in their strategic thinking, contributing to the development and organization of their business and supporting them in the transformation almy

Strategic thinking

Often alone in his responsibilities, the leader must be able to rely on experienced leaders who will help him in his strategic thinking and in his choices of evolution
Mooveos associates act as mentors, with a pragmatic approach and personalized support
Listening, empathy, pragmatism, curiosity and commitment are the values we promote in our missions


Developing your business means making choices and making decisions

Mooveos partners accompany executives and companies to this end to talk about business development, diversification or international development.

Business development for B2B activities using the social selling and digital selling tools we have put into practice

Our international experience combined with our particular knowledge of the French IT and telecoms sector also allows us to support international companies in their presence in France.


It is an understatement to say that companies must constantly transform themselves to adapt to market changes and the expectations of their customers.

In addition to the transformation of organizations and operating methods, we also help businesses in the choice and implementation of digital tools.

These tools for collaborative work, information sharing or real-time communication are not an end in themselves but are essential to support transformation

Experience in SMEs and in an international group

With experience in business creation, management, sme development and turnaround in international groups, we now want to support managers on a pragmatic basis.

Our approach

Collaborative networking

To be effective and provide quality services and because we believe in the collaborative way of working, we surround ourselves with consultants and partners who specialize in their field.
Coach and HR consultant, Specialist in corporate mergers and mergers and acquisitions, web designer, digital marketing specialist, financial expert…

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