Mooveos : our new challenge !

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Mooveos : our new challenge !

Damovo France – Imakys – Apps2com and now Foliateam-Apps2com.

15 years of business transformation that my friend Stéphane Grasset and I have carried through as a duet.

A unique experience combining thrilling teamwork and painful lonely decisions, counting exciting successes that we have shared year after year with our colleagues and partners in both business and technology, but also a journey of day to day difficulties that would have even discouraged Sisyphus…

The experience of an entrepreneurial life with its ups and downs, great joys and cruel disappointments but, at the end of the day, a great satisfaction. A very strong client base, an extremely competent team and a group of partners of choice : Apps2com is in good hands, the hands of a new shareholder with a clear strategy and solid resources.

Stéphane and I have decided to pursue new projects together.

Mooveos, our consultancy and STD-services, our subsidiary specialized in IT service support, will both be able to help in their development those who will trust our experience and advice.

We hope to see you very soon.

Jacques Grézaud

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